Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet Treats

Its funny how things have changed.... Baking a few years ago was simple. You put the flour, eggs, milk etc together, mix and pop in the oven, only to add a final touch of butter cream as a topping.

These days we see people like Buddy from the popular reality TV show Cake Boss , reinventing what baking and cake decorating.

My mom has been a professional baker for the past 15 years and lately the request she has been receiving for cakes are beyond reason.  Over the years things like technology, ways of life etc have all evolved. Who would have thought something like a Birthday Cake could move like a robot (Making reference to the Transformer cake Buddy built) or the live size Nascar cake ( Displayed below)

It brings me to a point of wondering what next? What is going to evolve next in this already confusing, fast paced, changing world. I have to agree that artist like Buddy Valastro's cake deco is superb... However I am a big fan of simplicity...

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