Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Madiba...

Nelson Mandela is truly an iconic man. He is a man that is recognised world wide for his fight against apartheid. Today being the 18th of July 2012, he celebrates his 94th birthday.

Madiba devoted his life fighting for equal rights and a democratic government. A dream which saw its realisation in the 1994 elections. However, how much has South Africa progressed since then?
When I look around me everyday I see violence on our streets, poverty and even worse, racial segregation. On the media South Africans see and hear the stories of corrupt politicians and leaders.Has the culture of fighting for a progressive movement now faded away? Is the culture of the rainbow nation been tarnished by people who only care for their own interest and gain. Did Nelson Mandela's fight for freedom and equality go in vain?

Food for thought ... As we celebrate Madiba's 94th Birthday..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA... We pray your legacy continues...


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