Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The weight issue...

Ever since I was a teenager I always battled with my weight. At the age of 17 I weighed around 70 kg's. I went on to attend university, when i realised i had to find away to loose all the accumulated "blubber" I had put on over the years. Prior to this point in my life I had never seen my self as FAT.

I tried many diets & exercises. Most of which i failed at by the second week. Then I had discovered the beauty of a diet pill. It was made up mostly of natural stuff, and I didn't even have to change the way I ate to loose all that weight. I took it for about 3 months, and started dropping weight like nobody could believe. From a size 14 to 10 and eventually right down to the 8 that i currently wear.

Lately however I have started gaining a few kilo's again... I felt ugly, and mostly unhappy, because maintaining my figure was such a tiring job these past 2 years. The diet pills helped the last time, but this is something that i did not want to make a habit.  So I have decided to keep things simple and follow a very easy diet plan. Firstly I start my day with a cup of tea, then go on to a morning snack such as a fruit or an handful of almonds, at lunch ( around 12pm) I usually have another cup of tea with cracker biscuits and then around 3pm I have a low fat yogurt. For supper I avoid rice and breads, but have 2 minute noodles as a replacement.

I've followed this diet for a whole week and dropped 3kg's already. Although diet pills may aid weight loss, one has to work extremely hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle...


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